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In Conversation With The Quintuple Jabbed...

Steve Kirsch conducts on-the-street interviews in America

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the thought processes of those on the opposite side of the aisle. We wonder if it is sheer ignorance, indifference, stubbornness or perhaps the influence of extensive government and mainstream media propaganda. Here, it appears we have a combination.

One of the first moments to stand out is when Kirsch asks, “do you think everyone should get these shots?” to which the man replies, “yes, protect me!”

Of course, Steve momentarily pauses in slight bemusement because any of us who study the data (even on the surface) know that these jabs do not provide protection against infection. We’ve known this since mid-2021.

The second notable admission comes when Steve inquires about if he was given a “v safety” card during his “inoculation”. The man jolts his head, presumably to his wife. She shakes her head. “No, we didn’t,” he responds.

Seemingly oblivious to the entire existence of the program, he later confesses he doesn’t think it is necessary for other Americans to be notified of the adverse event rates Steve cites.

Here we come into the territory of stubbornness. That is, unless we’re wrong to assume most people want to be aware of potential side effects from products they put into their bodies. Although we’ve met plenty willing to get the jab for a holiday abroad.

The interview ends as you might expect. Completely stumped by Steve’s revelations, the man eventually retreats. “I’m done, thank you” he utters while raising a palm of reluctant acceptance. His politely dismissive yet casual indifference is quite something to behold.

Below, we’ve listed the now largely undisputed facts on covid and the jabs so you can perhaps share them with someone still sitting on the fence. What now seems rudimental knowledge to us may remain largely unknown to others.

If they were plainly confronted with these statistics, it might help fasten the process of holding those government officials who lied and discriminated to account.

  1. Covid Lethality

The overall infection fatality rate of coronavirus in the general population (excluding nursing homes) is between 0.1% to 0.5%. These levels are comparable to the influenza pandemics of 1936, 1957, and 1968.

  1. Jab Protection

There is evidence documenting initially high but rapidly waning protection against severe disease. The jab does not prevent infection. Nor does it prevent transmission. Viral loads in jabbed and unjabbed individuals are equally high. Natural prior infection also generally creates better and longer-lasting immunity compared.

  1. Jab Injuries

All the covid vaccines can cause severe and fatal reactions. These range from cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological issues. Many experts still question the risk-to-benefit ratio of healthy adults and children receiving the jab because of this.

  1. Covid Symptoms

Around 30% of all recorded infected persons show no symptoms. Overall, 95% of all infected persons at the most exhibit mild symptoms. The vast, vast majority do not require hospitalisation. People who are clinically obese, however, are at major risk of experiencing severe symptoms.

  1. Covid Transmission

The major route of transmission appears to be via indoor aerosols. Studies show outdoor aerosols play a minor role. Pre-symptomatic transmission may account for up to 50% of all infections.

  1. Covid Mutation

Mutations occur frequently in coronaviruses but while these mutations may have higher infectiousness, they have documented 80% lower lethality.

  1. Face Masks

Face masks have/had no effect on infection rates, a vast body of studies prior to the pandemic demonstrated this. Studies also show that N95 masks had no influence on infection rates in the general population.

  1. Covid News Coverage

Mainstream media reporting during the pandemic was entirely unprofessional. Governments have now openly admitted to increasing fear and panic via their “nudge units”. The coverage was so inaccurate that it led to a hundredfold overestimation of covid lethality.

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