Love this. Best rant-style comment I've read in a while. Been digging into history of herbal medicine and was astounded to see how Rockefeller group almost single-handled threw out the script with the Flexner Report.

Professor Mark Bailey covered it in an interview here (starts discussing round 14-15 min mark) https://odysee.com/@MaajidNawaz:d/38RadicalFull:f

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Here in Canada we have two recent deaths; one a young father, the other a woman of middle age both otherwise healthy and vital, denied transplants for refusing the poisonous shots. And organ harvesting from trafficked children and infants is a thing. Evil details in the current reality of life on earth.

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Sep 8, 2023Liked by JJ Starky

That 's good question. I think they would rather patient die than try to save them with or without a co called covid "vaccine'.

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