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Thank you for this missive. Malfeasance by idiot hospital cogs. Once I realized that my gov (or whoever they are) really want us all mostly dead, I knew that suicide would never be an option for me, it just feeds into their wishes. F these effing effers, forever. I hope to live to 90+, though I am 2/3 of the way home already, this last 1/3 should be quite something. To add, speople cannot be left alone in hospital rooms, they need someone of conscience guarding them 24-7, pref. with firearms.

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Oh My. Such a sad story.

The thing is though I thought Munchausens' by Proxy was a discredited diagnosis. There were numerous diagnoses in the UK a few decades ago and after exposure-one particular doctor -it was shown that it is a non existent condition.

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