Investigative citizen journalism. Work previously featured in the likes of The Salisbury Review, Off Guardian, Free Market Conservatives, The Conservative Woman etc. Generally libertarian with some traditional Conservative leanings.

Used to work as a comms man for The Brexit Party and then the Conservatives before becoming disillusioned and leaving in late 2020.

Since officially launching the outlet in mid-2021, with help of various contributors, we’ve managed to gain a following of 200,000 across all our social media platforms (despite numerous shadowbans and suspensions).

This newsletter primarily focuses on the false narratives they tell to seize yet more control, including, Covid, Covid vaccines, gender ideology/grooming, legacy media, and Govt authoritarianism. Expect to see some in-depth exposès on various nefarious actors, politicians, and NGO heads - these will be paywalled as they take a fair amount of time to put together (monthly subscriptions work out to about £0.13 per day/£4 per month).

Always try to implement a policy of showing rather telling. If you ever disagree with a report, article, or post, please do not hesitate to comment - we’ve seemed to lose our ability to debate in so many arenas. That needs to change.

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Just a bloke challenging the official narrative using evidence-based research. Former political strategist. Based in 🇬🇧. Focusing on Covid, jabs, climate, gender, and govt authoritarianism. To access the newsletter and in-depth reports 👇


JJ Starky

28. Former political strategist. Part-time citizen journalist. Work published in the likes of The Salisbury Review, Off Guardian, Conservative Women. Based in the UK. Proprietor of The Stark Naked Brief and Project Stark.